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IRC Formula Pro RBCC tubeless road tyres 28mm


IRC Formula Pro RBCC 28mm tubeless road tyre is the ultimate racing tyre with no compromise.

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The IRC Formula Pro RBCC tyre has been revised. It is race tyre with the empahisis on grip and durability.

The rice bran ceramic compound (RBCC) has been revised to improve wet grip. IRC claim a 4% improvement in grip and a 10% drop in rolling resistance over the previous model.

The tread rubber now covers more of the tyre so you can lean even further into a bend than you probably should.

The natural latex lining is retained to improve comfort and reduce rolling resistance. This also means you can use inner tube patches with traditional glue to repair the tyre properly extending life.

The new tyres measure 25mm and 28mm on wide rims! Unlike most brands IRC know wide rims offer the best performance and a 28mm tyre that sits like a 31mm tyre is not going to fit in many bikes.

Your customers will be impressed by the tyre durability, grip and low rolling resistance. The overall package is as good as it gets.


25mm tyre 275g

28mm tyre 320g

RRP £55